Ways To Update WordPress Securely Every Time

Ways To Update WordPress Securely Every Time

To ensure the user experience isn't disrupted by an update gone wrong, you need to never ever test updates on a live site. Following this basic guideline will save you a horrible great deal of headaches over time.

There are several choices for screening WordPress updates beyond your live site. The one you select will depend on your hosting service, your technical capability, and the magnitude of the upgrade. Choices consist of:.

Develop a WordPress staging website through your webhosting. The specific information will depend on your hosting service provider, however managed hosting services such as WP Engine, FlyWheel, and Pressable all make this possible.Test updates with a plugin such as WP Staging. If an update breaks the test website, your live website will remain unhurt.Test updates in a regional development environment consisting of a carbon copy of your site. For more details, have a look at our overviews of producing a local advancement environment on a Mac and in Windows.Using any of the above options will enable you to check updates and settle the kinks before going live. A staging site is my personal choice; to find out more, take a look at our overview of producing a WordPress staging website.


It's something comprehending how essential upgrading WordPress is, however having the self-confidence to set up updates without the fear of potential disputes occurring is something else altogether. With this article, you have the solution.

Follow the simple rules below to make sure that WordPress updates on your live site( s) effectively each time:.

Back up your site frequently (and before updating). Test plugin updates with WP Safe Updates. Make all style customizations in a child theme. Evaluation upgrade changelogs before applying them. Never evaluate updates on a live site.

Worldwide Cyberattack: How Can You Protect Yourself?

Worldwide Cyberattack: How Can You Protect Yourself?

This way, you don't have to worry about losing your files even when your computer gets infected and all files are encrypted. Get a top notch online backup program and download an anti virus protection software like Norton Security ( coupons and deals are found here ) Finally, always be on the lookout. You should neither click on strange links nor download files from individuals you do not know.

The cyber attack highlights reveal how big organizations and computer infrastructure can be harmed by outdated technology and software. Even when your machine is free of viruses, some basic services that impact your life could still be endangered. It is mostly a question of the resources and the attention you give to them. Security experts claim that the attack could have been averted if businesses had kept their systems updated with the most recent software patches. However, the truth is that it may be more difficult than it seems, either due to lack of funding to upgrade to the most recent software versions or corporate cultures that have no priority for security.

5 Tips To Help You In Becoming Successful In The Web Design Industry

5 Tips To Help You In Becoming Successful In The Web Design Industry

As the web design field is prone to constant changes, therefore, you need to stay updated with the latest designing trends. You dont want to end up designing a website that may look outdated, do you! To become successful as a website designer, learn to keep a tab with the technological changes and implementing them in your work.

Be Ready to Learn from Experience

If you wish to become successful here, know that experience is being counted here. The more website designing experience youll have the better will be the client response. Plus, you need to be able to value those experience as well and turn them into a guiding factor for polishing your designing skills.

Know Your Skills and Show Them

Just acquiring designing skills won't be enough. You need to learn to show them as well. Be confident to show your designing skills in your sample works or the projects that you do. No one will get to know how excellently you can design a website unless you show them.

Website designing can be a challenging realm if you dont know how to survive and create your own path to success. You need to have both determination and patience to achieve success in the web design industry.

Best Tablet Computers

Best Tablet Computers

If you are looking for a tablet computer, the only way that you are going to choose the one that will be best for you is by considering the price, performance, screen quality and battery life among other elements. Visit this website for deals on tablet computers.

The following is a list of some of the best tablet computers you can buy in 2017, which will help you determine the one that will serve your needs best.

iPad Pro 9.7 It is no secret that the best tablet computer you can buy in 2017 is the iPad Pro 9.7. This tablet is a perfect blend of power and portability. Its small screen featuring powerful innards makes it one of the best combinations available. This iPad provides as much power as the bigger iPad Pro in addition to the Pencil support and Smart Keyboard all in a smaller size that is palm and bag friendly. What is more, it has brilliant four speakers for a good listening experience.

Google Pixel C The Google Pixel C is the best Android tablet of 2017. It packs all that you want in a tablet; great display, premium design and a lot of power. If you have more cash to splash, it has a great keyboard. While this is not the kind of tablet computer that would replace a laptop, it certainly does it if you are looking for a high-end Android tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 There are many reasons why you should get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 if you are looking for a top-notch Android tablet. This tablet is probably the best Samsung has ever made. It has a super AMOLED display and is not web surfing and reading-friendly. Available in 8 and 9.7-inch options, this tablet computer is thin, has heaps of power and a slick interface that rivals the iPad.

iPad Pro The iPad Pro is not for everyone because of both cost and size, but its power and feature-packed design earns it a position as one of the best tablet computers. Whether its multi-tasking, offering a Mac experience or graphics, this tablet computable is capable of a lot. This tablet is probably your best bet at replacing your laptop.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 The other tablet computer that is more than likely to replace your laptop is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and it does a good job while at it. This has Windows 10, option attachment of a Keyboard and integrated kickstand. This tablet is good for students, creative professionals and everyday use by anyone.

Nexus 9 The once expensive Nexus 9 tablet has dropped in price that it is presently the best tablet for value. This tablet combines stock Android, a high resolution display and a lot of power to become a perfect all-round tablet. To top it all, this tablet is still getting the latest updates like Android 7 Nougat.

Reading through this list of the best tablet computers will guide you towards choosing the tablet that will work best for you in 2017.

How WordPress Works

How WordPress Works

With WordPress, you can create (or manage existing) personal websites, business websites, blogs and online stores. One of the features that make WordPress so popular is the fact that it is totally free and it has no hidden charges.

Why is WordPress Free? Someone may want to ask, how can such a valuable tool be free? Wouldnt it be more profitable to sell it? Well, theoretically it would generate more revenue for the company, but WordPress operates as an open source project, which makes it open to contribution and modification by thousands of people world-wide. So, in essence, WordPress is not owned by a single individual or company, but by thousands of good-spirited geeks world-wide.

Though a core team of developers spearhead the project, anyone can report bugs, contribute patches or suggest new features. Also, the project leaders are not constant, they change from one version to the other. So, if youre very actively involved in the community, you may very well become one of the core contributors for the next version of WordPress.

Wordpress.com Vs Wordpress.org: Which is Which? Some people often confuse wordpress.com and wordpress.org, but these are two very distinct platforms. WordPress itself is the online tool that helps you create and modify your websites, but the two sites above, are the platforms through which it performs its functions. So, the question then is which one do I use? Well, it all depends on your needs.

www.wordpress.com is a web-hosting service, that allows you create your own website for free, and runs it on the WordPress servers. So, if youre looking to have a website of your own, free of charge, then this is where to go. However, if you desire to have your own domain name, then you will have to pay a small fee. Also, with this service, you will not have access to the thousands of available themes and plug-ins available on WordPress, except you pay for it.

On the other hand, www.wordpress.org is for people who want to self-host their websites (i.e., outside WordPress). When using this version, you will have total control over the functionality and design of your website. Of course, this may mean extra spending on third party hosts, or for download of themes and plug-ins.

The Stepping Stones Of Website Designing

The Stepping Stones Of Website Designing

Before 1996, the concept of website design was based on basic HTML. Introduction of Flash opened a lot of doors to designing possibilities. It made the websites more welcoming for the user. It made the websites more welcoming for the user. Introduction of Flash opened a lot of doors to designing possibilities. It made the websites more welcoming for the user. The ability to use virtual graphics, icons with animations and on-screen attractive buttons were the highlights of Flash website design.

3. Extensive CSS usage

Cascading style sheets changed the way the content on the websites was presented. It provided a clearer separation between different sections on the web page. Development of CSS raised the necessity to understand the impact of colors and the way things are perceived by a user on screen. So, the prioritization of data and information on the website became more and more relevant.

4. Cluttered layouts and Script fonts

Cluttered layouts were used to make pages attractive in the early 2000s. A cluttered website design placed information on the web page in an orderly fashion to make it look more attractive using proper animations. Script fonts were equally as popular but their rendering depended upon the presence of that script font package on the computer.

5. Vector illustrations and Grids

Using grids the websites became very strict upon how things are to arranged and presented. They would have a skeleton which would be followed while designing and this made the website design very organized and categorical.

Also, instead of using large, bold fonts and other stuff vector illustrations started coming into the picture to point out important stuff on the web page. The concept of symbolism and logos were applied to website using this.

6. Responsive and inclusive web designs

As the concept of UI grew, the website designs changed accordingly trying to make the users more involved and inclusive. Using videos that spoke directly to the users, inclusion of video backgrounds and using various transitional effects led them to become trends.

There are many more interesting developments that have happened in the evolution of the website designing techniques and a lot more is to come. But the point that remains constant in all of them is that they all served to bring information to the user in a much better way.

Buying A Quadcopter Drone Camera

Buying A Quadcopter Drone Camera

However, when looking for a camera for your drone, it is advisable that you get something that works well and which captures quality images and videos. Buying the wrong drone camera is usually disastrous since the results youll get at the end of the day wont be so pleasing. As such, before purchasing a camera, it is vital that you do some research to ensure that you get a camera that suits the application you want to use it for.

There are different types of cameras on the market, and most of them arent created the same. The interesting thing is that most cameras out there look great but have poor reputations. However, that doesnt mean that all brands are that bad. There are camera brands that are renowned for their image quality, stabilization, and reliability. So what you need to do when looking for a camera for your drone is focus on cameras that have good reputations and which will get the job done.

When shopping for a camera for your quadcopter drone, one thing you will notice is that most people usually end up getting Go Pro cameras for their drones - and there is a very good reason why most of them choose this particular brand. Thats because Go Pro cameras are good and dependable cameras available in different models and which fit almost any application. However, Go Pros arent the only reliable cams in town. As technology evolves and competition grows, newer, better-quality camera brands are entering the market, spicing things up for those looking for quality drone cameras.

As such, when searching for a quality camera for your drone, it is crucial that you do tons of research to ensure that you get something worth your money and time. When shopping for a camera, you are advised to read as many testimonials and reviews as you can to learn more about the specific cameras you are considering. From these testimonials and reviews, it will be easier to identify a camera you can rely on.

Also, consider looking for footage some of these cameras have taken so that you can get a rough idea of the image quality they produce. While this may seem like a lot, it isnt. The advent of the Internet has simplified things as such, finding what you need shouldnt be that hard. The great thing is that you can watch drone footage on YouTube and read drone camera reviews on almost any electronic commerce site to get the information you need.

Once youve identified what you need as far as features are concerned, the next thing to do is to find a drone thats within your budget. Its that easy and shouldnt take a lot of work. However, it is advisable that you take your time as you search for the perfect camera for your quadcopter camera.

One final thing! When looking for a camera for your drone, consider looking for stabilization and harness hardware as such hardware can really help stabilize things for you allowing you to take quality videos and images. The good thing is that stabilization and harness hardware are available in different shapes, sizes, and forms and can really help improve your experience.

Web Design Strategies – Effective Techniques To Consider

Web Design Strategies – Effective Techniques To Consider

In todays competitive business environment, its very important to develop an impressive site that would assist you stay and ahead and remain unique. You should not only have a good website but also build your brand and business strategy. If you hire an efficient team of web services professionals you will get a personalized web concept for basically every project that you want to develop. Whether you are looking for a sale focused website or a good platform, a good designer will apply certain tools to come up with a site that enhances your presence. Here are the top 5 effective website techniques

1. Maintaining consistency

Its a great idea to keep factors such as font, layout, and color uniform in your site. In other words, your website should have a clear transition from one area to another. Your layout, color, and font should be uniform throughout the site to maintain the same. Its also critical to keep all the elements constant across the pages.

2. Responsive strategy

Due to the incredible increase in mobile devices, a responsive website is a must. All entrepreneurs need to consider and understand that a responsive website is a basic element of their planning. It is not a must for you to know the tricks and techniques of developing and designing a website but you need to understand what a responsive site is. Also, its important to understand your exact marketing responsibilities. Since the web world has undergone several changes you can consult web development companies to assist you to do this.

3. Avoid stock photography

Unfortunately, clients are no interested in the glamor of photos. On the contrary, they are focused on a more realistic view of what the product is portraying. Photos with dull backgrounds are definitely not the best. Instead, customers are interested in personality and story. Remember, your photos generate subconscious messages that are instantly passed to the audience.

4. Apply responsive data tables

When it comes to data tables you have a wide variety to choose from. Although you may view the table by zooming in and out you still need to scroll vertically and horizontally to browse well. For better readability you may even need to reformat your table or display a pie chart according to the information. More so, you may consider adopting the pie chart into a mini graphic which is ideal for your content. If you are not sure, consider contacting web design portland or to help you fix this.

5. Focus on usability

You should always know that the success of any website is its value and not the visual appearance. If you own a profit oriented site, you need to use user-centric design. Remember, if users are not able to use the website then its useless. Its not a bad idea to use an attractive large buttons or 1-2-3 done steps with good design. You need to allow the user view all the functions clearly. Also, they should interact with the website well.

Well, those are the top 5 web design strategies. For more information, contact driven web services for more information.

Computer Information Systems Managers

Computer Information Systems Managers

A computer information systems, CIS manager is a job that requires a good amount of formal education. It requires you have nothing less than a bachelor’s degree in a computer related subject. The manager is usually hired to facilitate the technological needs of an organization.

A computer information systems manager determines the technological needs of a company and seeks to meet those needs by recommending and implementing computer hardware, software and programs. This career typically requires a bachelor's degree in computer science or management information systems, although a master's degree is often recommended.

An organization that requires computer technology to perform work duties counts on a computer information systems manager to keep everything operational. The computer information systems manager is responsible for administering and implementing all computer-related technologies, including network security, Internet operations and software upgrades. Sourced from:http://study.com/articles/Computer_Information_Systems_Manager_Job_Description_and_Requirements.html

The computer information systems manager is the one who oversees all computer operations in an organization. They oversee that all computer networks are safe and also ensure that the organization uses technology that is current.

Computer and information systems managers help determine both technical and business goals in consultation with top management and make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these goals. For example, working with their staff, they may develop the overall concepts and requirements of a new product or service, or may identify how an organisation’s computing capabilities can effectively aid project management.

These managers plan and coordinate activities such as installation and upgrading of hardware and software, programming and systems design, development of computer networks, and implementation of Internet and intranet sites. They are increasingly involved with the upkeep, maintenance, and security of networks. They analyze the computer and information needs of their organisations from an operational and strategic perspective and determine immediate and long-range personnel and equipment requirements. They assign and review the work of their subordinates and stay abreast of the latest technology to ensure the organisation does not lag behind competitors. Sourced from:http://www.gostudy.mobi/careers/view.aspx?oid=752

There are different types of computer information systems managers and they do different functions. All these functions complement each other and help the organization achieve its goals.

IT Director:

Develop strategy and roadmaps for business applications and for all business applications support.

Lead cross functional multi-site projects.

Manage the day to day operations and health of company PCs and Laptops.

Chief Technology Officer

Provide visible technical leadership for the company and within the technology community

Set IT direction.

Meet regularly with department heads to ensure accountability regarding all office and department initiatives and projects.

Chief Information Officer

Participate as a member of the senior management team in governance processes of the organization’s information systems architecture, telecommunications, networks, programming, media, and desktops.

Lead innovative thought to make technology a company competitive advantage, particularly for cloud-based and mobile platforms.

Manage operational and capital technology budgets. Sourced from:http://careerplanning.about.com/od/occupations/p/comp_sys_mgr.htm